Social Media Marketing

Stagecoach London is a bus operator in East London, South East London and Kent.

Objectives: Raise awareness of the Stagecoach London brand, Drive potential candidates to the website, Change/build perceptions about becoming a Bus Driver, Attract more female bus drivers, Reduce cost per hire.

Approach:  Stagecoach London had previously used Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts on Facebook for a number of campaigns, including Night Bus Drivers, Apprentices as well as a campaign to attract Drivers from commutable distances outside East and South East London. These campaigns were successful, generating a good number of clicks through to the relevant pages of their career site, but only tapped into a small portion of the potential audience.

By creating a dedicated Stagecoach London Jobs page we could reach Facebook users via mobile devices (50% of Facebook users only access it from a mobile device) and this figure has been steadily climbing.

Since March 2016 we have been promoting their employer brand and increasing engagement on both Facebook and Twitter. Celebrity Ferne Mccaan kicked off the campaign by attending a bus driving course to encourage more women to consider driving a bus.

Results: Awareness is increasing day by day with over 2000 followers. Female followers have steadily increased over this time to 35% of the total audience. The campaign is ongoing, with Stagecoach London receiving over 2000 applications each month.